Welcome to The Classic Villa

Our Environmental Policy


Help us to champion the care of our country’s precious resources.
We have developed an environmental plan and welcome your support for this initiative.
Most of our Guests want to help, so we invite you to join with us by enjoying our hospitality and understanding our environmental policy.

We love our city and environment, here’s how we care for it:

We reduce our energy by:
– Buying local produce where possible to reduce transport emissions.
– Our appliances are all energy-efficient models.
– Low-energy light bulbs are installed in all areas applicable.
– Meridian, our energy supplier, buys power from renewable hydro generation resources.
– If you hang your towel for reuse we have the opportunity to save water, energy and minimize our use of detergents.

We reduce our waste by:
– Recycling, separating our rubbish.
– Refilling our high quality toiletries.
– Only one newspaper a day for the Hotel.
– Free Wifi Internet to get news sooner.
– Faxes are printed on already used paper.
– Not printing unnecessary Emails.
– Not purchasing products with excessive packaging.

We reduce our water use by:
– Using only water-efficient washing machine and dishwasher.
– We have installed dual-flush toilets.
– Our garden is on a regulated irrigation system.

We reduce pollution by:
– Using only biodegradable cleaning products.
– Use natural/low or non-allergenic toiletries.
– Offer to book taxis for guests with “Green” operators.

We support conservation with our community by:
– Regenerating native vegetation down the side of our Hotel.
– Offering our guests the opportunity to learn about our local environment.
– Buying locally produced quality art.
– Co-operating with Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism
and the Cultural Precinct with offers to visiting Media and Tourism officials.
– Encouraging our guests to purchase sustainably and NZ made e.g. Untouched World (the first company in the world to be recognised by the UN for sustainability.

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